Minted Metal

Now you have purchased your new vehicle from Victoria Cars, make sure that you conserve the value of your investment.

Minted Metal is our ‘in house’ car preparation and detailing studio, situated in our very own heated indoor showroom.

David, our detailer, has a Masters degree and a lifetimes experience in Metallurgy and the science of metals; so he really does understand and know what he’s talking about… come along to have a chat.

The products that we use have been scientifically developed over the last decade and most of our finishing coatings are Minted Metal branded to our own unique specifications.


Minted Metel

Red Car

What is paint protection?

Our protective coating is a unique ceramic or nano coating that applies a hard, thick coat over all the paintwork which helps to protect it and enables your investment to be super easy to maintain.

In addition to the protective qualities, our ceramic coat does not allow water or rain to stick to it, so you will witness the aqua repellent action kicking in and throwing the water off the paintwork and anything treated with our products, for example windscreens and soft convertible hoods.

No matter how clean the car appears to be, it will have picked up many contaminants from a variety of sources, such as; tree sap, bird droppings, road tar and debris etc.

All of these substances must be removed professionally before carrying out any paintwork correction procedures.

A huge saving on main dealer charges and exceptional attention to detail

Prices start from £150 with Ceramic Coating starting from just £300 depending on the size of the vehicle and preparation required.

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